WILD FLOWERS (haiku, senryu, haiga)

June 2016

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…she writes in such a concise way that the reader might think he or she could imitate her style, but her subject matter with its union of mystery and social ills won’t allow one to do so. In Crystal Simone Smith’s first haiku collection titled WILD FLOWERS, however, there are stunning haiku. ~ Lenard D. Moore, President of the Haiku Society of America, 2008




When Darkness Comes

We lived for the annual company picnic, gourmet food
trucks, games, wine, and music until darkness fell—all free
not counting employee blood, sweat, and tears. Michael,
the family man, gripped a red wagon one year carrying two
of his six children. So much depended on his hand—
mortgages, baseball practices, every email account in the
company. Still, no one saw it coming. After custody losses,
second divorce, that same hand pulling a trigger to quiet
the voices that kept calling him: do it, just do it, silence

a sad clown
face paints children